ABC’s Sunny Hostin: Trump’s Stance on Border Security, Immigration Akin to Hitler’s Extermination of Jews

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” network senior legal correspondent Sunny Hostin argued there no difference between Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s tough tack on immigration and border security and Adolf Hitler’s extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Partial transcript as follows:

PAULA FARIS: I spoke with the campaign last week I covered him on Super Tuesday this of the big take away. He’s a attracting first time voters the crossover voters. And there’s a lot of Democrats that are voting for him, and I think you guys we have to be reflective of this country there are a lot of people that do support him to make a gross generalization that if you’re voting for him here racist, I don’t necessarily think that that’s fair as well.

SUNNY HOSTIN: That is a generalization I don’t think any of us are saying that every single Trump supporter is racist … but I don’t think we can deny the fact is there are a group of people that his message is resonating with, and that is a message of discrimination and bigotry and misogyny and it’s there.

JOY BEHAR: Demonizing the other. That’s what his message is.

JEDEDIAH BILA: When you’re talking about Hitler though. I mean, that is like equating Donald Trump to someone who wants to exterminate a whole race of people. Or a whole religion. He didn’t say anything like that.

HOSTIN: He wants to build a wall, he wants to send millions and millions of Latinos from this country. He wants to torture people, how is it different?

BILA: You can’t equate border security with the extermination of the Jewish people.

HOSTIN: How is it different? I just did.

BILA: You can’t though. You can’t.

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