Heilemann: ‘Breitbart Matters a Lot — Being in a Fight with Breitbart Is No Good for Donald Trump’

Thursday on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect” airing on MSNBC, co-host John Heilemann warned that in the wake of allegations Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields was assaulted by Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, at a Trump event in Jupiter, FL on Tuesday, it was ill-advised for the Trump campaign as a whole to be in a fight with Breitbart.

Heilemann said it was his view that while other media outlets had been hostile, Breitbart had been favorable toward Trump. But he also said the issue was part of a “broader issue.”

“I think in general, Donald Trump does not have that many news organizations that have been favorable towards him,” he said. “This one has been. I think in terms of the media that drives coverage on the right, Breitbart matters a lot. Being in a fight with Breitbart is no good for Donald Trump. I will say also, it goes back to our previous topic – not just in the sense we’re roughhousing or not roughhousing, but roughness, undue roughness going on. But it talks about the other things in the rally that we see is their attitude how they treat the press, is again, not something you normally see in presidential campaign rallies and the way they treat the press has not been appropriate for a long time. So it’s a broader issue beyond just Breitbart.”

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