Kristol: If Trump Gets the Nomination ‘I Can’t Cross That Line — So I Can’t Support Him’

Friday Newsmax TV’s “Newsmax Prime,” the editor of the Weekly Standard Bill Kristol said if Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wins the nomination, he suggested he couldn’t support Trump and left open the possibility of a third-party candidate entering the race.

Kristol said, “I just don’t think he has the character or temperament to be president of the United States. So when you can’t cross that line—I can’t cross that line—so I can’t support him. So then the question is—as a conservative, as a Republican, is there someone I can vote for, or do I just stay home or vote for my local congresswoman, Barbara Comstock, and others? I would prefer to have someone to vote for for a couple of reasons. A) I think it’s would be good for the Republican Party — three reasons. The Republican Party should have a spokesperson for conservative principles who is actually  qualified and has the character to be president. Two, I think it would help down ballot. People like me don’t want to vote for Trump. We’re certainly not going to vote for Hillary. We will come out and vote, otherwise we could stay home. And third, we don’t know how Donald Trump does in a general election. I think the bottom could fall out.  I think an awful lot of Americans could get worried about having Donald Trump as commander-and-chief and I would like to have a respectable conservative Republican as an alternative.”

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