Trump: Saying I Wanted To Punish Women for Having Abortions A ‘Hypothetical Answer That Was Not a Wrong Answer’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that his statement expressing support for punishing women who have abortions was “a hypothetical answer that was not a wrong answer” on Monday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Trump said, [relevant remarks begin around 4:45] “[I]t was a hypothetical question, and as a hypothetical question, you give a hypothetical answer, and I didn’t see the big, big, huge deal, and I will tell you this, sean, and i’ll say it, and we can have this out, but so many people called me up, and they thought it was a very strong answer and a very good.”

Trump added, “[T]hat was a hypothetical answer that was not a wrong answer. And there were other people that wrote me letters and, I mean, by the hundreds, saying, that was a great answer to that question, the way it was phrased.”

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