Protester Disrupts Cruz NYC Event: A ‘Right-Wing Bigot’ Has No Place in The Bronx

On Wednesday, MSNBC reported on a New York City protester disrupting an event for Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

The protester yelled that Cruz is a “right-wing bigot” before being led out of the venue by the authorities.

“He cruised right behind our camera here,” NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard said. “Cruz just pulled up probably 15 minutes ago, and this man, this individual, started kind of following him all the way back to an area where Cruz is going back to talk to some people. And the man started kind of heckling him, in a low voice, but heckling him along the way. Finally when he got to the back of the room, the man started yelling. As he was walking out and being led out by the police, he continued to yell. He was calling him a racist bigot, a right-wing bigot that has no place in the Bronx. The man started yelling that this is an immigrant community. He said it’s a low-income community.”

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