Matalin: Trump’s Complaints Go Against Founders’ Vision Of Representative Republic

Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” former George W. Bush campaign director and Republican political consultant Mary Matalin said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s complaints about the primary process in states like Colorado are unfounded because the founders set up a “representative republic and not a democracy” to guard against “mob rule.”

When asked about Trump’s complaints about the Colorado primary, Matalin said, “Well it’s been a process. It’s been a process in the Republican party for a hundred and sixty years. It’s been the process that our entire country was founded on that we would be a representative republic and not a democracy, and the reason the founders made it like that was to guard against mob rule. So these rules have been known for a long time. I can understand why people would think it’s counter-intuitive to ‘one man one vote,’ but everybody has had access to the same information, the same rules. You know it’s just how it’s always been done and there is a reason for it and I’ll say again—it prevents the emotions of the moment to overtake a system.”

She continued, “Forty-four states have some sort of indirect process like that and it’s not — maybe I’m using the wrong term here but it is to be — I don’t want to say reward but it’s to people who are the most informed citizens, who spend the most time advocating for their causes, working for their causes. Those are the guys that show up at these percent meetings, and to the guys that just want to show up and be angry and express themselves, I understand why they are angry. They are angry at Barack Obama. They are angry at the Republican party, but the answer to that is not to just throw up your hands and let’s be for a guy that is not espousing anything that we are actually for. We just think how worse could the system be.”

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