Trump on Violent Protesters: ‘These People Have to Be Dealt With Very Strongly’

On this week’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace,” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said of the violent protesters at his rally in California last week, “these people have to be dealt with strongly.”

Trump said, “[A]t that particular moment, we had 31,000 people in the stands, it was packed. They’ve never had a crowd like that, it’s the biggest crowd they’ve ever had. We had 31,000 people. We didn’t we didn’t have a riot. We didn’t have anybody even raise their hand. It was a like lovefest for an hour and a half. It was incredible. I didn’t even see the riot. I guess there was a — you know, these are wise guys that stomp on policemen’s cars. And it’s a terrible thing that people are allowed to get away with this. These were professional agitators. They were wearing masks. The cops told me, anytime you see a guy with a mask you know he’s a professional, and they were wearing masks. And these people have to be dealt with very strongly, because you can’t allow that to happen to a police car.”

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