Krauthammer: Obama Admin Lied ‘Point By Point, All the Way Through’ Selling the Iran Deal

Columnist Charles Krauthammer declared that during the Obama administration’s sale of the Iran nuclear deal, “There was lying point by point, all the way through” on Monday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer said, [relevant remarks begin around 4:35] “[T]he point about the scandal here is not that it was just spinning on either side. They were spinning beyond spinning. They were lying. And our side, the one that argued against it, was simply saying this is not true. Example, the ballistic missiles. We were told they’d be denied ballistic missiles for eight years, not true. They changed the language. [Under] the Security Council resolution, the Iranians are allowed. Secondly, they promised us, Kerry had said, there will be no deal unless the Iranians account for what’s called previous military activity, the work that was done on warhead miniaturization at Parchin. There was none of that, and the deal was signed. They lied. There was lying point by point, all the way through. That’s not spin. That’s lying. And it’s not just, I had to keep the negotiations secret. It’s that they told the American people stuff about what was in there that wasn’t true, and the 27-year-olds never looked into it.”

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