Buchanan: Economic Globalization Bringing ‘The Fall of Western Civilization’

Friday on Newsmax TV’s  “Newsmax Prime,” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan said major corporations only caring about the bottom line for shareholders have helped create a more secular America where the lack of caring about your neighbors is causing “the decline and fall of Western civilization.”

Buchanan said, “You look at what happened in the first decade of this century — 55,000 American factories disappeared and 6 million manufacturing jobs. What had begun seriously back in the ’90s had reached the dimensions today that Donald Trump’s campaign is riding on.”

He continued, “The interests of a big transnational company is to produce where it can do it cheapest, in China, Bangladesh, Costa Rica, wherever — bring his products back in the United States, free of charge, if he gets that kind of trade deal, put in Walmart and increase profits and the shareholder befits form it. That is the sellout of the American worker. Economic patriotism dies in this new globalist world. People don’t care about the folks down the street, the folks in the towns they come from.”

“We are seeing basically a decline in patriotism, a decline in love of country, a decline in love of their fellow man. People moving away from God, moving away from religion…When the faith dies the religion dies, the culture that was created by the faith dies and the civilization the culture created begins to die and the people begin to die.”

He added, “I think you’re seeing the decline and fall of Western civilization before our eyes. Its a matter of centuries. You take a look at all the Western empires are gone and now these subject peoples or their descendants are now crossing the Mediterranean to invade and repopulate the mother countries. I think that’s history unfolding.”

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