Trump Adviser: ‘I Feel Bad for Bernie Sanders Supporters’ Having ‘Pro-War’ and ‘Pro-Wall Street’ Hillary as Nominee

Thursday on CNN, Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller said he sympathized with supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) because their party’s likely nominee holds opposition positions on issues to that of what many rank and file Democrats hold.

“Well, we obviously agree with Bernie Sanders that Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president,” Miller said. “But I have to say honestly I feel bad for Bernie Sanders supporters. And I will tell you why. Thanks to superdelegates, the Democratic Party is on the verge of nominating the most pro-war, pro-Wall Street lawmaker in the modern history of the Democratic Party. And that’s amazing. Think about it. You have a candidate in Hillary who is running on a pro-war platform about what she did in Libya, about what she is doing in Syria, about the toppling of the Egyptian regime, and the military of course took back control, who’s running on a pro-Wall Street, pro-war agenda. That’s not the right fit for the Democratic Party or the country.

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