Watch: CNN Compares Hillary Past Email Statements to IG Investigation Results

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” host Jake Tapper and justice correspondent Evan Perez compared the previous statements of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton to the State Department inspector general’s report finding that during her tenure as secretary of state, Clinton did not comply with the department’s policy.

Tapper introduced the segment saying, “A potential bomb shell in our politics lead today. A pointedly critical investigative report by the U.S. State Department inspector general today. One that not only assails the way former Secretary Clinton conducted personal business on her email server, but one that contradicts claims that she’s made about that server. In the report set to be released tomorrow but obtained by CNN, the independent watchdog says Clinton did not comply with the department’s policies regarding the preservation of emails despite claims to the contrary on her campaign’s website. They could find no evidence that Clinton and her team ever sought legal permission to use the private server.”

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