Chuck Todd: ‘The Clinton Campaign Has the Jump on Trump’

Friday on MSNBC, the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Chuck Todd said Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s “campaign has the jump on” presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump campaign in television advertising especially in battleground states.

Todd said, “If I hear that phrase, it is only June, I would just say that is whistling past the graveyard here if you are not careful.  This is an important moment now. You saw what happened with Obama and Romney—June and July — Obama had the advantage on TV ad spending, all over and Romney had help defending himself. He had super pacs that came in and tried to balance it out. For the most part the Obama campaign got the jump. The Clinton campaign has the jump on Trump. But it’s even worse for Trump because there is nobody is responding to these Clinton ads right now. I mean nobody. There is a one super pac that got a million dollars cable buy. But she’s up in the 8 biggest, core battlegrounds and right now by herself until the 4th of July, unless something changes. If this is how it goes, we are going to start to see this lead start to look like, it is going to start to cementing, the cement is going to start drying.”

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