FL Gov Scott: Obama’s Lack of Focus on Destroying ISIS Is ‘Disgusting’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “American Newsroom,” while discussing the gun control measures being proposed in the wake of the Orlando terror mass shooting, Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) said, he is disgusted with President Barack Obama ‘s lack of focus on destroying ISIS.

Partial transcript as follows:

HEMMER: Two days ago you were ticked off and you were angry about the lack of communication. Yesterday, the president came and said the fight against ISIS has been relentless. Do you believe that?

SCOTT: It’s still here.I mean think about that, we had 49 people slaughtered. I have still have people, my citizens, in hospitals. We have got, now listen, I’m fed up with this. When do we stop and say, ‘Enough’s enough!’ When are we going to absolutely say our number one focus, destroy ISIS. Stop radical Islam. I mean I do not want this to happen in my state again. This is disgusting. I’m fed up with it. It was an attack on our gay community, our Hispanic community We are a wonderful melting pot this state is. And evil is impacting the entire fabric of this country and it’s impacted my citizens. This has to stop.

HEMMER: The message yesterday was about guns in America. Do you agree with that?

SCOTT: The Second Amendment didn’t kill any of these individuals. Evil killed them. ISIS killed them. Radical Islam killed them. We’ve had the Second Amendment for over 200 years. We are not doing enough to destroy ISIS. We need a president that is going to say my number on job right now is on top of turning this economy around  is to destroy ISIS. People care about their safety. They’re scared to death. I’ve talked to so many people who are worried about are they going to be a target. That’s not how this country should live. We have the resources. Destroy ISIS. Destroy ISIS.

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