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Zika: Aerial Spraying and Releasing Bats Approved

With Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control rapidly losing the battle to contain the epidemic from the Zika-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, panicking authorities began aerial spraying and may soon bring in bats that can eat 1,000 mosquitoes an hour.

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Mosquito-Borne Zika Cases Confirmed in Florida

The Zika virus has conclusively arrived on American shores, as Florida officials announced the first confirmed cases of mosquito-transmitted infections on Friday.


Attorney General Lynch: Pulse Jihadi’s True Motive ‘May Never Be Known’

During a visit to Orlando on Tuesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch promised that the Justice Department is “making $1 million in emergency funding available to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement,” even as Florida Governor Rick Scott’s request for $5 million in FEMA disaster relief was denied.

: Florida Governor Rick Scott arrives for a press conference on South Orange Avenue down the street from Pulse Nightclub, June 13, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.

Gov. Rick Scott On Battle Against Radical Islam: Florida A ‘Loving State’

“We’re a loving state,” said governor Rick Scott after being asked directly how he sleeps at night knowing the threat Radical Islam poses to Florida residents and visitors. “We’re a great melting pot.” The term “melting pot” is a term used to describe how immigrants come to America and blend into her mainstream culture and adopt her traditions.

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Planned Parenthood Sues Florida After Getting Caught Performing Illegal Abortions

The AHCA investigation found 32 such violations, with Planned Parenthood performing illegal abortions at three of its 16 abortion clinics in Florida, in St. Petersburg, Fort Myers, and Naples. The agency also found that a fourth facility in Pembroke Pines did not maintain proper logs for the disposal of fetal remains.