George Will: Political Amateur Donald Trump Falsely Believes His Large Crowds Represent American Electorate

In an appearance on this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Washington Post columnist George Will said “political amateur” presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump confuses his large crowds and their enthusiasm with the American electorate.

Partial transcript as follows:

“Donald Trump’s assumption clearly at this point is that running in a primary against 16 opponents is pretty much the same as running in a protracted general election against one well-funded Democratic machine. That’s unlikely because what the Democrats have is the get out the vote mechanism and that this is going to be a mobilization election and not a persuasion election. And there aren’t that many Americans waiting to be persuaded on either side.”

“So if he doesn’t have a get out the vote mechanism, what does he have? What he has is crowds. And like a real amateur in politics, he seems to confuse the enthusiasm of the crowds in front of him at the moment in the high school auditorium with the larger electorate. Whereas in fact crowds are definitionally not a representative selection of the American people.”

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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