Todd: Elites Beware — Trump and Brexit Same ‘Revolt of Western Middle Classes’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” the moderator of “Meet The Press” Chuck Todd, said the movement behind presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) voters is the same “revolt of western middle classes” that caused the Brexit vote.

Todd warned “political and media elites” to see it as a “wake up call.”

Todd said, “The vote — the leave versus stay split in the UK broke along urban and rural lines, just like here when it comes to things like immigration, trade agreements, Trump/Hillary. You know Trump/Clinton. There is a generational splits, there is no doubt — but It really comes back at the gut issue. This is a revolt of western middle classes, period, okay? Trump is a result of a revolt, Trump/Sanders were tapping into this and there is a revolt in American middle class. A frustration where the next job is coming from and what is work going to look like.”

“These are the same questions that westernized democracy and middle classes and all over Europe and frankly it’s in other democracies, too, whether it is Korea or Japan,” he continued. “So the point is we have seen this trend of distrust in institutions and elites. So they don’t believe what elites tell them. We are already hearing reports today people didn’t believe the world would react the way it is reacting to Brexit. The point is we’ll see and I think it’s a wake up call to political and media elites in this country. Hey, it is not about Trump, there was something that fueled Trump, tapped into what’s already there and be mindful and pay more attention to it.”

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