Sean Spicer: FBI Directors Conclusions an ‘Indictment’ on Hillary’s ‘Fitness To Be President’

Tuesday on MSNBC, Republican National Committee communications director Sean Spicer said that FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that there will be no federal charges against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information on her private email server did not match the case he laid out against her in his announcement.

Spicer said, “If you listen to the first 14 minutes of the 15-minute press conference the director lays out a case which is very clear. It’s an indictment on Hillary Clinton’s judgment, on her fitness to be president. He talks about the words reckless, how there is blatant disregard for the law and the process he set out. That’s what her job was. So I don’t understand how you can lay out an entire case and talk about how the culture at the State Department didn’t understand the importance of protecting national security, how she was reckless in handling it and not conclude there’s a violation. He said we don’t think this should be prosecuted. I don’t understand how you can lay a case like that of all of those things and come to that conclusion. Further more, the bigger point I have that a hard time understanding is the entire reason that the secret server was set up was to intentionally evade detection, tracking, and transparency. So the motive behind doing it frankly which is one of the things that he talked about was to specifically avoid playing by the rules and following the law as set out. So I frankly don’t understand how they square that circle.”

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