Florida Man Kills Home Invader With Machete

A Florida man was killed Tuesday after breaking into a couple’s home and attacking the wife, a Palm Beach Post report says.

Steven and Heather Aiosa were awoken around 2 a.m. Tuesday and found Robert Alcalde, 31, standing in their doorway.

According to authorities, Alcalde had broken into the home through a front window and was behaving as someone who had taken drugs.

Steven Aiosa grabbed a .22-caliber rifle from under his bed and walked with Heather to the back door and into their yard, but the gun malfunctioned as he tried to load it. He then went to grab the machete that was also kept under the bed.

Alcalde began to attack Heather, which is when her husband began striking him with the machete.

“He tackled [Heather Aiosa] to the ground,” Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said of the attack. “It was a very, very violent struggle at this point. There was a lot of fighting — active fighting, brawling.”

Deputies report Alcalde suffered “gaping wounds on both of his legs” from the machete, and he had to be “hit with an electronic weapon six times before he stopped his behavior and allowed himself to be handcuffed,” the report says.

The Aiosas were unharmed in the attack, and Alcalde was transported to the hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

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