Krauthammer: Hillary Needs ‘Lying Lessons From Her Husband’

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer said Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton needs “lying lessons from her husband, who was one of the great liars of all time.”

Krauthammer said, [relevant remarks begin around 2:20] “[T]he original sin, apart from the act itself, was the press conference she held at the UN when the story broke, which was fundamentally untrue, at about 12 levels. And she has never been able to admit that. She can’t. What she needs are lying lessons from her husband, who was one of the great liars of all time, could do it with a smile and charm, and kind of in a way that was sort of wizardry. It depends what ‘is’ is, ‘I never had sexual relations.’ This guy got away with a lot of lies, but he could do it because of his, I hate to say it, but, charisma. She has none, and she can’t lie very well. So she is caught in a situation where she was sort of devastated by the line of questions that [Representative] Trey Gowdy (R-SC) asked Comey at those hearings. … You can’t recover from that. It’s all on tape. I think she must have guessed originally it would not be investigated, it wouldn’t be found out, and she’d get away with it. She she may still win the presidency, but she will never be able to escape the original set of lies.”

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