Joy Reid: Trump’s ‘Narcissism Outweighs His Ability to Do the Baseline of Politics’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” host of MSNBC’s  “AM Joy,” Joy Reid said of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, “His narcissism outweighs his ability to do the baseline of politics.

Partial transcript as follows:

HALPERIN: Rick Scott is exactly right about the issues Republicans want Donald Trump to talk about: jobs and strong on national security. The problem is Trump did not come out of his convention convincing voters that he was a serious person qualified to be commander-in-chief with the right temperament. He’s got to work on that now. If voters don’t see him as someone qualified, if voters don’t see him as having the right temperament, they’re not going to take his ideas on jobs, his ideas on ISIS seriously.

REID: But how does a 70-year-old man change his entire personality? How does he change his temperament? He’s 70 years old. This is who he is. He’s not pretending to be this way, he actually is this way. You can’t change your fundamental nature.

ALCINDOR: But part of the frustration with the Republicans that I’m talking to is that he really isn’t capitalizing on the fact that Hillary Clinton is also having issues, she’s also having gaffes. She walks out of the interview with the FBI, you have footage, you have this moment and again he has a gaffe. She has this issues with emails, and again, here you are with this whole week. So, I think Republicans are also deeply frustrated because you look at the data download segment it’s key. It shows that they have as much issues with her issues as they do with his issues.

HEWITT: Flip the script, how does a 70-year-old woman start persuading people she’s telling the truth. Do we want…

REID: First of all, she isn’t 70.

HEWITT: Well, OK, 69.

So, how does she persuade people that she’s going to tell the truth when we have a lifetime in Washington of doing exactly the opposite.

REID: And I think it goes back to what Yamiche said, is that if you have issues with Hillary Clinton, the Republican nominee isn’t bringing those up. He is triggered instantly by Mr. Khan, he is triggered instantly by anything he perceives as a personal slight. His narcissism outweighs his ability to do the baseline of politics. So what you do is you have Donald Trump continually making the argument about Donald Trump in the worst way.

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