Trump: Putin Looks at Hillary Clinton And He Laughs

Tuesday at a town hall in Virginia Beach, VA, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said of his opponent Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “likes to play tough with Russia,” but Russian President Vladimir Putin “looks at her and he laughs.”

Trump said, “Russia, Hillary likes to play tough with Russia. Putin looks at her and he laughs. Okay? He laughs. Putin looks at Hillary Clinton and he smiles. Boy, would he like to see her. That would be easy. Just look at her decisions. Look how bad her decisions have been. Virtually every decision she’s made has been a loser. But wouldn’t it be nice honestly? Because Russia — Russia doesn’t like ISIS any better than we do. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with Russia and you could knock them out together? Wouldn’t that be a good thing as opposed to tough talk? She tries to do the tough talk. Then she leaves.”

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