MSNBC’s Schmidt: ‘Peaceful Transition of Power’ Process in Doubt If Trump Loses

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” network political commentator Steve Schmidt, a former campaign strategist for Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) failed 2008 presidential bid, warned if Trump loses, the process of the “peaceful transition of power” after a presidential election could be in doubt.

Partial transcript as follows:

STEVE SCHMIDT: I mean, to your point, this is incredibly toxic for a democracy. The first person who addresses the Victor in a presidential election that matters, right, isn’t the staff. It’s the opponent. It was John McCain calling Barack Obama. Very difficult moment. I’ve been on both sides of this. The Bush campaign and the McCain campaign. But making that concession call, that kicks off the process of the peaceful transition of power. The loser grants legitimacy to the winner through the concession speech and initiates–

JAMES CARVILLE: Al Gore, if one guy could have taken his army and gone in the woods and conducted guerilla warfare, it would have been Al Gore —

SCHMIDT: That process that culminates with the inauguration, it begins with that concession call. I think all of that’s in doubt in this campaign.

(h/t Legal Insurrection)

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