Judge Jeanine: Hillary Is ‘Planting the Seeds of Division’

In her “Opening Statement” segment of Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” host Judge Jeanine Pirro went after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton over her “deplorables” comment, arguing that she is actually the one dividing people and not her rival Donald Trump.

Pirro, directing her statement to Clinton, said, “Now I know you have double vision and problems with your memory, well documented by the FBI, and that you short-circuit frequently, but your hypocrisy is stunning. You’re the hater here, you’re the one planting the seeds of division. You’re the one calling the kettle black. I know you have memory problems from your concussions, the blood clots, the dizziness, the dehydration, whatever, but you’re the one who said, ‘We’re above all that.’ You’re the one who wanted to be the inspirational candidate, the one who said, ‘We’re stronger together,’ yet you do nothing but spend all your time savaging Donald Trump.”

“And if I didn’t know my history better, I would think he actually started the Civil War, which, by the way, was a fight between Republicans, led by Abraham Lincoln, who were antislavery, and the Democrats who wanted to keep their slaves,” she continued.

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