Gold Star Mom That Asked Obama About Phrase ‘Islamic Terrorists’: ‘I Was Really Upset With Part of the Answer He Gave Me’

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Tina Houchins, the Gold Star mother that asked President Barack Obama why he was reluctant to use the term “Islamic terrorists” at a town hall broadcasted on CNN last week, told co-host Ed Henry she wasn’t satisfied with the answer Obama had given her to the question.

“I really didn’t believe he was going to answer me,” she said. “So it wasn’t something that I expected an answer from. I was really upset with part of the answer he gave me. And I understood where he was coming from. And it gave me a better idea of where he was coming from with his answer. I knew he wasn’t going to answer.”

Houchins went on to reiterate she understood the president’s point, but she did not agree with the reasoning of Obama to reach his conclusion and explained why.

“I saw his point but at the same time, I feel that you’re not lumping them all together because that’s like saying all people are bad,” Houchins added. “There is bad people and there are good people. To me, you need to separated the difference. And the bottom line is my son was killed by terrorist. They were Islamic terrorist that he was killed overseas. And to me call them what they are. I mean, a murderer is a murderer.”

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