FNC’s Wallace Rips ‘Childish,’ ‘Bush-League’ CNN for Coverage of Third Presidential Debate

Friday on New York City Fox affiliate WNYW’s “Good Day New York,” “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, who moderated last Wednesday third and final presidential debate, took a jab at CNN and its head Jeff Zucker.

In addition to the third debate, CNN was reluctant to show the moderators in all the debates with exception of the second presidential debate, which featured CNN host Anderson Cooper as one of the moderators. Wallace called it “childish” and “bush league.”

“Let me just say something about that because it wasn’t just Fox,” Wallace said. “They also did that for the first and second debates. I guess that’s Jeff Zucker, the head on CNN and my own reaction is it’s kind of childish that if you don’t have somebody from your network there that you’re gonna pretend that the moderator doesn’t exist. It’s kind of bushleague.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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