Watch: SNL Parodies Final Presidential Debate

During their opening sketch, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” parodied the final presidential debate between Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The debate began with Clinton sharpening two large knives before saying she would “feast” and Trump saying he would have a soft voice, and be “a sweet little, baby Trump.” Right after this, Trump yells, “They’re ripping babies out of vaginas!” Clinton answers the abortion question by stating that Trump is a child and his face is birth control.

When Trump says there are “bad hombres” coming to the US, Clinton declares she got bingo on a board of offensive and inappropriate phrases. Trump then responds by saying he met the Mexican President, whose name he can’t remember, and thinks is something like “Mr. Guacamole.” Trump then trademarks various common phrases he uses in the debate, before sniffling all the time and giving a rambling answer on ISIS, one that is he thankful that he didn’t have to give all of.

Clinton is then asked about her emails, and responds by pretending to hear someone, and then changing the subject to how Trump treats women, which prompts Wallace to say that she’ll never answer a question about her emails. Clinton responds that it’s “cute” to watch the press try to get her to answer questions about her emails.

After Trump says that no one has more respect for women than him, the entire planet starts laughing at him.

Later, Trump asks what Clinton’s been doing for 30 years, Wallace is upset that Trump set her up, and tries to get Clinton to stop talking about the last 30 years, saying that everyone already knows and trying to finish her sentences. Trump responds that he has “the cream of the crop,” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R), and Chachi, “the best Baldwin brother,” Stephen.

After Trump calls Clinton a “nasty woman,” she says this is the rhetoric that has debased the election, before pitching a mug her campaign is selling with the phrase “Nasty Woman” on it.

Trump is then asked if he’ll accept the results, given that he’s probably going to lose, while Trump agrees he’s probably going to lose, he complains the press is making him look bad “By taking all of the things I say, and all of the things I do, and putting them on TV.” Wallace tries to help Trump by getting him to repeat after him, which doesn’t work.

Clinton then says we have a choice between, “the Republican, or Donald Trump.”

Before the debate ends, Trump makes sure he hasn’t forgotten to say anything by looking at a piece of paper reading, “Bad hombre” and “Nasty woman,” says he’s winning every poll taken outside of a Cracker Barrel, and pitches Trump TV, which is launching on November 9th. Clinton says Trump will be an F as president, while she’ll be a “stone cold B.”

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