Watch: Tom Hanks Gives America a Talk As ‘America’s Dad,’ Tells It Not To Worry About Getting ‘Darker,’ And Has a Debt Problem

Actor Tom Hanks gave America a pep talk as “America’s dad” while hosting NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Hanks told the country that it’s been a rough year for the us, and it’s “anxious” and “conflicted,” but that things are going to be fine, because it made it through that depression.

He told the country it’s just in an “awkward phase.” For example, it’s getting “a little darker, but that’s natural for a nation of immigrants like yourself.” Hanks also said the country is “a lot gayer,” which is “cool.” Hanks then tried to use a bunch of modern slang before the country was “in some debt.” And that if he bailed it out, it wouldn’t learn.

He went on to say the country — it has a lot of guns, and wondered if they needed all them, but decided he didn’t want to have that fight. He further stated we can clearly tell the nation is smoking pot, because he can smell it.

Hanks also told the United States it’s great, even though some people think China is better.

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