Schweizer: Investigation Will Not Go Away if Hillary Gets Elected

Brietbart editor-at-large and “Clinton Cash” author Peter Schweizer spoke Thursday on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” about the criminal investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and next week’s election.

Schweizer said that even if Clinton wins the election, the investigation will not go away, calling the investigation “robust and ongoing.”

[T]he FBI has been highly professional about this,” Schweizer told host Rush Limbaugh. “You know, what the Clinton campaign is putting out there, Rush, is that all they’ve done for 14 months is sit around and read my book.  That’s not true.  They’ve been very active.  They’ve got lots more information, and you are exactly right, this is not gonna go away.  If Hillary wins on Tuesday, this is not going to go away.  This investigation is robust and ongoing.”

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