Tucker Carlson: Election a ‘Reaction’ to Contempt of Public From Elite Media, Wall St, Political Class

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” newly minted network host Tucker Carlson argued there was more to the election night results than just the candidacy of Donald Trump.

The results he said were a “reaction” to the contempt held by the nation’s elites for the average American, which he said included the elite media, Wall Street and the political class.

“The contempt that the people analyzing this election had for anybody with an alternative point of view, I mean, it was like you were denying evolution or something because their preconceptions were so strong, they couldn’t break out of them. But just like Brexit was not about Nigel Farage, as impressive as he is, this is not entirely about Donald Trump. This is a reaction against those in charge.”

“Look, if you’re not in the elite media, if you’re not on Wall Street, if you’re not in the political class, look at the people who run the country – they sneer at you,” he added. “They have contempt for you. There’s nothing about you that they like. And you resent that after a while. This is a democracy. The average person can vote. We just learned that last night.”

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