Dem Rep Murphy: ‘Probably a Case to Be Made’ Russia Swung Election Results

Saturday on MSNBC, outgoing Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL) weighed in on the allegations that Russian hackers helped rig the election, saying there is “probably a case to be made” that Russia helped swing the election in President-elect Donald Trump’s favor.

“There’s an abundance of evidence and information pointing very clearly to Russia, and we’ve seen public reports even that point directly to Vladimir Putin himself, and how this started and why, you know, we can all talk about and try to figure out why this was the case, but the facts are clear that this was Russia trying to tamper with our elections,” Murphy said.

“[T]here’s no doubt with the hacks of the emails and the hacks of the DNC, the information, the false information that was being pushed, there’s no doubt we have seen all the reports of Americans continuing to read misinformation and believe that, so there’s no doubt that that had an impact,” he added. “Did it swing the election or not? I’m not the political pundit here, but I do believe it did have some sort of impact. Was it the one percent that swung states like Wisconsin and Michigan and others? There’s probably a case to be made that it did.”

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