Brooks: I’m Not Sure Trump’s Words ‘Have Roots’ or if He’s Thought Them Through

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks said that he’s not sure if President-Elect Donald Trump’s words have “roots.”

Brooks stated, “one of the things I think about with Donald Trump is, what are his words actually attached to? With a normal president like President Obama, he says a word, and that’s because there’s been some thought that he’s done, and there have been policy papers, and there’s been aides and there’s been advisers, and then there’s a connection to a set of actual policies. And so, the words have like roots into actual stuff. With Trump, I’m not sure the words have roots. They are emanations of his psyche, but has he thought it through? Is there an argument? Is there a policy implication? Even with this nuclear thing, he says we should be stronger and expand. What does that mean? And so, what is concrete in what he’s saying?”

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