Michael Fletcher: Obama ‘Ignored the Question of Racism’ ‘When He Could’

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” Michael Fletcher, Senior Writer for ESPN’s The Undefeated stated President Obama, “when he could,” “ignored the question of racism.”

Fletcher said Obama, “when he could, quite frankly, he ignored the question of racism. Interestingly, I was talking earlier this week to [Representative] Jim Clyburn (D-SC), you know, one of the senior members of Congress. And we were talking about Obama’s legacy around this. And he was recalling the whole controversy around the [Representative] Joe Wilson (R-SC) ‘you lie’ comment. And he led the effort in Congress to censor Joe Wilson. And at the time, the healthcare bill was just percolating in Congress. And the president, you know, was, like, you know, don’t pursue this, Jim. You know, we don’t need to talk about this. We need to do stuff. You know, drop that. And, you know, Clyburn refused to drop that. But to me, that sort of spoke volumes about how Obama — you know, and this was seen as a big racial insult to many people. But Obama didn’t want to go there. He said, let’s keep our eyes on the ball.”

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