Jeff Sessions Spokeswoman Sarah Flores: ‘John Lewis Should Know Better’

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sarah Isgur Flores, a spokewoman for Attorney General designee Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), criticized Democrats that decried the legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s presidency, but are now engaging in the same thing with President-elect Donald Trump.

That included Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), who in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” declared Trump not to be legitimate.

“Well, I do think that we’re seeing just a different political atmosphere that we’ve seen before. And for all the Democrats who decried the delegitimization of President Obama as they should have — they’re very silent,” she said. “They are very silent this time around and John Lewis should know better. That’s what’s so frustrating. This is about the office. It is not about the man. And I do think that Donald Trump will actually go in with a different honeymoon period, but it will be a honeymoon period.”

“I think that Congress is ready to get to work on a bunch of items,” Flores continued. “The last president was having several executive actions that were unconstitutional. The Supreme Court struck down one after the other because he couldn’t find a way to work with Congress. So the question for this president is — going in, his approval ratings, set those aside. Frankly those are fairly meaningless compared to can he go to that building and actually cut deals and negotiate to get things done? And I think we’re seeing so far, as just president-elect, that he’s making some good progress on that.

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