Mo Elleithee: Trump Practicing ‘Nixonian Politics in the Twitter Era’

On this week;s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” discussing President Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer’s criticizing the media at his first press announcement on Saturday, the Executive Director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service and Fox News Contributor Mo Elleithee said, “This is Nixonian politics in the Twitter era.”

Elleithee said, “The president of the United States yesterday stood on hallowed ground in front of a memorial wall of fallen CIA  officers, and he looked at the American people and he lied. He lied more than once. He lied about something of substance, his relationship with the CIA, and he lied about the most trivial of things he possibly could lie about, crowd sizes at his inaugural. We talked about the Spicer piece, even more troubling than that, they shut down the National Park Service communication tool, it’s Twitter, because the National Park Service tweeted out the crowd size estimates. This should be of concern to everybody, not just to the press, but to everybody. If people already are feeling a lack of trust in our government, this is not going to make it better. This is Nixonian politics in the Twitter era … On day one, on the first full day, this should worry everybody.”

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