Scarborough: Mike Flynn-Russia Leaker ‘a Patriot’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough sounded off on the saga behind Mike Flynn resignation from White House late Monday.

Scarborough had questions involving who had knowledge of Flynn’s pre-inauguration conversation with Russia’s U.S. ambassador Sergey Kislyak and why Vice President Mike Pence was possibly misled by some in the White House about that conversation. He also called the person behind the leak to The Washington Post a “patriot” because otherwise, no one would have known about Flynn.

“Who knew in the White House?” Scarborough said. “And when did they know in the White House? And why was the vice president of the United States kept in the dark and allowed to go on television and lie and not have anybody go to him who knew in the White House that he had been pushed out to lie? And the only reason we’re finding out about it now is because a patriot did leak this to The Washington Post, did get this information out there, or else we wouldn’t have even known about it. Why was Mike Pence kept in the dark when the White House counsel knew about it. And he was sent out to lie? Why? And who knew?”

“And was Mike Pence the only person in the White House that was kept in the dark?” he continued. “Because we certainly know the White House counsel had to know. You got to believe the president of the United States had to know. Certainly, the Justice Department knew. If the acting attorney general knew, did [Jeff] Sessions know? There has to be a very long list of people in the White House who kept the vice president of the United States in the dark, allowed him to lie on national television, and then not correct it afterward.”

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