David Brooks: I Fear the Trump Administration Is Anarchy

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks said he fears the Trump administration was “anarchy.”

Brooks said, “Enemy of the people, I’m an enemy of the people. You know what? My fear of the administration as it’s shaken out so far is not that it’s incipient fascism it is that it is anarchy. There are 696 appointed jobs that require senate confirmation and the Trump administration hasn’t named 692 of them. So there is nobody home in the government.”

“The civil service has basically opted out because they’ve been offended by Trump,” he added. “and The court system has given themselves permission to block every Trump initiative because they have been attacked by Trump. The intelligence community is disarray or disaffection. To lead, you need a government. The government has gone AWOL.”

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