CNN’s Navarro: ‘There Is a Correlation’ Between Trump Media Attacks, Anti-Semitism

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” network contributor Ana Navarro criticized President Donald Trump’s denouncement of anti-Semitism in an interview with NBC News a day earlier.

Navarro took it a step further and suggested Trump’s attacks on the press were related to ginning up anti-Semitism.

“[I]t took so much for him to read those words yesterday,” she said. “It is like squeezing blood out of a stone. What I would say to America is there’s so much to be said from presidential leadership. We’re not going to get it from him on this issue. He hasn’t been full-throated. I also think his attacks on the media are feeding into these anti-Semitic feelings. He appealed to some of those people in his base.”

“And he doesn’t want to mess with that support from the anti-Semites that did support them,” she continued. “He wants to keep that support. When he is talking against the media — we all remember at his rallies, people shouting ‘Jew S. A., Jew S. A.,’ and you know, looking at the media. I think one thing has to do with each other. I think there is a correlation between his attacks on the media and a lot of this anti-Semitic feeling.”

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