Ryan: Trump and I ‘Merged Forces,’ Breitbart Audio ‘Ancient History’

During an interview on Tuesday’s “The First 100 Days” on the Fox News Channel, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said the audio of him reported by Breitbart News is “ancient history.”

Ryan said, “I’ve got really thick skin, Martha. This is ancient history. That was back then…[when the Access Hollywood tape came out]. Look, it’s no secret Donald and I had our ups and downs. The president and I had our ups and downs during the campaign. But we merged forces at the end of the campaign. I campaigned with mike pence. I supported Donald Trump. We’ve merged forces, and since then, we’ve been working hand in glove together. So, honestly, I’ve got really thick skin. This is such an ancient history. I’m surprised it’s even a story.”

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