Watch: ESPN’s Reese Waters Questions Siri Why Colin Kaepernick Remains a Free Agent

In a skit for “The Undefeated,” ESPN correspondent Reese Waters questioned Siri why quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still “unsigned.”

“Siri” responded that Kaepernick is still a free agent because of “racial insensitivity and general partisan closed-mindedness.”

The skit went on with Waters offering most criticisms against Kaepernick, and Siri attempting to debunk them.

Partial transcript as follows:

WATERS: Siri, why is Colin Kaepernick still unsigned?

SIRI: Racial insensitivity and general partisan closed-mindedness.

WATERS: Wait a minute, I thought you were going to give me stats.

SIRI: You want stats? He had 16 TDs and four picks on a team you could’ve started for, donated $50,000 to Meals on Wheels in addition to the $1 million pledged last year and a plane of food to Somalia.

WATERS: OK, but how efficient is he?

SIRI: His 90.7 passer rating was good for 17th of 30 qualified starters, just ahead of Philip Rivers and Carson Palmer, and far ahead of Eli Manning, but we are not allowed to question any of their jobs.

WATERS: But he’s a distraction!

SIRI: Yes, as a constant reminder of judicial inequality, police aggression and civil unrest. That must be very distracting from your morning coffee. However, both his current and former coach have denied any distraction.

WATERS: What about his teammates?

SIRI: They awarded him the Len Eshmont Award, their most prestigious annual honor, given to the player who exemplifies the most “inspirational and courageous play.”

WATERS: I just don’t want politics in my football!

SIRI: Perhaps you missed John Elway’s Supreme Court endorsement or Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft’s presidential endorsements.

WATERS: OK, but it’s too soon to say for sure what the reason is.

SIRI: Would you wait for Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez to be selected before you in any job in life?

WATERS: Mark Sanchez has been to the AFC Championship Game.

SIRI: Colin Kaepernick has played in the Super Bowl and never ran into a teammate’s butt.

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