Maher: I Don’t See a Lot of Dems ‘Who Have Learned the Lesson’ of 2016

During ATTN: and HBO’s “The State of the Union Interview” released on Wednesday, “Real Time” host Bill Maher stated that he doesn’t see a lot of Democrats “who have learned the lesson” from 2016.

Maher said the Democratic Party has “possibilities. Of course, when you’re nowhere, you can only go up.” He continued, “I don’t, unfortunately, see a lot of people who have learned the lesson so far.”

He then drew a distinction between liberals and “kale eaters” who are “dragging this party down.” Maher then cited protesters who say “The Vagina Monologues” is insensitive to transgendered people as an example of kale eaters.

Maher also stated he thinks California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom would be a good candidate for the Democrats, and the party needs someone who is “charismatic.” He continued that the 2016 election showed people don’t care to dive into issues, and “want to be led. They don’t know the issues. Just show you have a pair of balls. That’s what they can’t stand, is that namby-pamby sh*t.”

He concluded that Democrats should stop taking the high road, and “When they go low, you go lower.”

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