Rep Ellison: Dictator Trump Attacks the Press ‘to Control What People Learn’

Tuesday at the People’s Action “Hometown Rising” health care town hall Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) said, President Donald Trump attacks CNN as fake news because “Every dictatorship wants to control what people learn.”

Ellison said, “Absolutely we are going to fight this health care thing. Our country is in a historic battle. This guy over here, he’s attacking the freedom of the judiciary. I mean seriously the court system. This guy Gorsuch who is totally against workers. This guy Gorsuch he couldn’t even get any Democrats to support him, so they don’t change the nominee, they sort of change the rules. Which shows they don’t care about playing by the rules. ”

He continued, “On the press, they talk about fake new, fake news. They are attacking the press. When they attack the press, they’re not just attacking CNN. We might have a beef with them sometimes too. They’re attacking your right to know when they attack the whole press. Don’t make no mistake about it, it’s not about one press outlet. Every dictatorship wants to control what people learn. So you need to know that. Don’t think it’s just ‘Oh he doesn’t like CNN.’ No, he don’t like none of them telling you the truth.”

He added, “Now the third thing he is literally — there’s all kind of evidence coming out that he has aligned himself with a hostile foreign power to destroy American democracy in our election. You all know what I’m talking about? I’m telling you that everything you believe in is on the line right now.”

(h/t NTK)

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