Conway: ‘Able-Bodied Americans’ Covered By Medicaid Expansion Should ‘See If There Are Others Options For Them’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” White House aide Kellyanne Conway said the Senate health care bill changes to Medicaid only affect the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare which “went way above the poverty line and opened it up to able-bodied Americans.”

Conway said, “We’re confident that the Senate bill will get through and we’ll have health care reform that takes away these draconian Obamacare taxes. Let me get back to Medicaid, if you’re currently on Medicaid, if you became a Medicaid recipient through the Obamacare expansion, grandfathered in. We’re talking about in the future. Obamacare took Medicaid, which was designed to help the poor, the needy, the elderly, sick, disabled, children, pregnant women — it took it and went way above the poverty line and opened it up to able-bodied Americans who should probably see if there are other options for them. If they’re able-bodied and they want to work, they’ll have employer-sponsored benefits.”

She added, “You keep calling them as cuts the. We don’t see them as cuts. We’re slowing the rate of growth. Obamacare expanded the pool of Medicaid recipients beyond its original intentions. You have to look at the whole health care bill in order to have a full conversation.”

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