Brooks: Trump’s NYT Interview Had ‘Disturbing’ Level of Incoherence, Admission That ‘Corruption’ Can Be Found in Taxes

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks slammed President Trump’s interview with the NYT as showing a “disturbing” level of incoherent thought and one where Trump basically admitted his corruption could be found in his tax returns.

Brooks began by saying, “I was shocked by the lack of just articulateness. … These really are random — they’re not even thoughts. They’re just little word patterns, one following another, about Napoleon, about this and that. It’s a disturbing level of incoherent thinking. Second, it is — you know, people who work in the White House work for the guy 16, 20 hours a day, And Jeff Sessions in the administration among them, and to dump over everybody.”

He added, “And then what’s interesting to me psychologically, usually, when someone’s corrupt or — they’re clever. They try to dissemble. They mask their corruption with some attempt to be dishonest. Donald Trump, give him credit, he’s completely transparent. He basically said in that interview, my corruption can be found in my tax returns. If you look in my tax returns, I will fire you.”

Brooks concluded, “He transmits everything that he’s thinking out in public in an incredibly transparent way. So we’re looking at a fact where Bob Mueller will probably go to the tax returns. Donald Trump will probably fire Bob Mueller. And then we’ll be in some sort of constitutional crisis. And it’s all telegraphed right there out in the open.”

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