Watters on Kaepernick: ‘The Dolphins Aren’t Anti-Black — They’re Anti-Idiot’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” Jesse Watters weighed in on the Miami Dolphins’ decision to sign Jay Cutler to replace injured starter Ryan Tannehill instead of Colin Kaepernick.

Watters defended the Dolphins, saying they are not “anti-black” for not signing Kaepernick, who wore a Fidel Castro shirt and praised the deceased dictator the week leading up to playing in Miami in 2016, but rather “anti-idiot.” Dolphins fans booed the quarterback when he took the field.

“This guy lacks respect and he’s bad for team chemistry and he’s bad for the franchise,” Watters stated. “These franchises are billion dollar businesses. You don’t want somebody representing your business that’s not going to ingratiate yourself to the fan base.”

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