Rep Al Green: ‘I Will Call for the Impeachment of the President’ Over His NFL Comments

Tuesday on the House floor, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump because of his comments about NFL players knelling for the national anthem.

Green said, “Mr. Speaker, I rise today and stand at the podium designated for Republicans, But I rise not as a Democrat or a Republican, I rise today, Mr. Speaker, not as a liberal or conservative. Mr. Speaker, I rise today as a proud American, a person who believes in his country, who salutes the flag and says the pledge of allegiance and sings the national anthem. I rise today, Mr. Speaker, to make comments that I never thought I’d have to make in the well of the house of Congress.”

He continued, “I rise today to defend the denounced and announced. Mr. Speaker, I rise to defend any mother who has been called a dog because her son engaged in peaceful protest. I rise, Mr. Speaker. I rise today, Mr. Speaker, to defend any son who is called the son of a dog because he engaged in a peaceful protest. I raise, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, I rise to denounce these comments that have been made because they have brought discourse to a new low. Mr. Speaker, this is a level of indecency that is unbecoming the presidency. Mr. Speaker, I rise to say to the world that this is not what America is all about. Calling people SOB’s, and we know what a ‘B’ is. It’s a dog. Mr. Speaker, I rise because my heart tells me that I must do something.”

He added, “So Mr. Speaker, I denounce the comments that were made, and I rise to announce that on next week, Mr. Speaker, I will bring a privileged resolution before the Congress of the United States of America. I will stand here in the well of the Congress, and I will call for the impeachment of the President of the United States of America. I yield back my time.”

(h/t Grabien)

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