Chuck Schumer: Trump ‘Is Not Leading on Issue After Issue After Issue’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said President Donald Trump was “not leading on issue after issue after issue.”

On health care, Schumer said, “Look, this is a good compromise. It took months to work out. It has a majority. It has 60 senators supporting it. We have all 48 Democrats and 12 Republicans. It will pass, and I believe it will pass by a large number of votes. It will put pressure on the House. What this bill does is prevent premiums from going up 20% even more in some states. That falls on everybody’s back, and if Republicans think that if premiums go up, they’re going to avoid the blame, if Senator McConnell thinks that, he’s wrong. So for the subsidy in premiums, that’s one. Since the Republicans are in charge, they should be coming up with solutions, and their leader did. You can’t say I won’t pass it unless this happens, and Republicans say I won’t pass it unless this happens. The president urged it originally. He called Senators both Murray and Alexander and said come to a solution, then they come to a solution, and he backs off.”

He added, “The president is not leading on issue after issue after issue and should not tweeting and start leading. He should roll up his sleeves and solve problems. That will influence the course of the debate that you significantly point out.”

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