CNN’s Callan: ‘Shocking’ President Trump Called NYC Attacker an ‘Animal’

Wednesday on “CNN Newsroom,” CNN legal analyst Paul Callan weighed in on President Donald Trump’s “really shocking” comments regarding the suspected New York terrorist.

Following the attack, Trump referred to the suspected terrorist, Sayfullo Saipov, as an “animal” deserving of the death penalty.

Callan said the president is “suggesting” that the suspect should be taken out and shot instead of going through the justice system.

“I would say it’s amazing but it’s not, because every day he says things that no other president has ever said, and that are really shocking,” Callan told host Brooke Baldwin.

He added, “Calling somebody, you know, in a criminal case, as president of the United States, an animal – maybe the guy on the street thinks that, and a lot of people think that, but the president of the United States has to stand with a little bit of dignity when he’s representing the country. And what he is suggesting, I think, Brooke, in saying what he did, is that we should take them out and shoot them.”

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