Meghan McCain: Female Voters’ Opinions About Trump, GOP Will Be ‘Cataclysmic’

Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” while discussing the resignation of staff secretary Rob Porter after accusations of domestic abuse surfaced in the media, co-host Meghan McCain said, “It something like 70 percent of women have an issue with the Trump administration,” which she concluded will be

McCain said, “Last night I was at a friend’s house when this story broke and the picture came out online, and I was gutted by this one, this one in particular. You’re talking about a man who has been accused that we know of by two ex-wives and one ex-girlfriend of physical abuse. It is alleged that there are Trump aides knew about it and he couldn’t get a security clearance because of these allegations.”

She continued, “The numbers about the Republican party and women are staggering moving forward. They are staggering … women’s impression of the Republican Party are staggeringly depressing for me. Its something like 70 percent of women have an issue with the Trump administration.”

She added, “If you’re defending domestic violence towards women in the era of Me Too it will be cataclysmic for female voters coming to terms because someone like me I cant get behind this.”

Arguing it is not about policy McCain said, “The policy of this administration I can get behind a lot, but you have a wife beater in office who is dating your communications director and didn’t care to tip her off that this guy has black and blued his ex-wife’s face. It says a lot about the men that are working in the White House.”

She added, “This is cataclysmic going forward for this administration.”

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