Wray: I Don’t Feel Political Pressure from WH – Doesn’t Deny Threatening to Quit After Being Pressured to Fire

During a portion of an interview broadcast on Tuesday’s “NBC Nightly News,” FBI Director Christopher Wray stated he doesn’t feel any political pressure from the White House and hasn’t been asked by the president “to do anything with the Russia investigation.” Wray did not deny reports that he threatened to resign after he was pressured to fire people.

NBC News Justice Correspondent Pete Williams asked Wray, “Do you feel any political pressure from the White House?”

Wray responded that he doesn’t.

Williams followed up, asking if the president has ever asked Wray if the president has ever “asked you to say anything about it or clear him?”

After clarifying that Williams was asking about the Russia investigation, Wray stated, “He’s never asked me to do anything with the Russia investigation.”

Williams then asked, “It’s been reported that you threatened to resign over being urged to fire people, is that correct?”

Wray stated, “You know, I have been very clear, from the minute I was nominated, to the minute I walked in the door, to countless opportunities since then, that I am unwaveringly committed to doing this job by the book, independently, following our rules and our processes, free from political or partisan influence.”

Williams then said, “So, it sounds like you’re saying those reports are not wrong.”

Wray responded that he wasn’t “going to talk about specific conversations.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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