Brzezinski: Twitter Typos Show Trump’s ‘State of Mind’ Is ‘Unhinged’

Wednesday on MSNBC, “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski questioned President Donald Trump’s “state of mind” because of typos in his tweet.

This morning the president tweeted and then deleted a tweet that said “wether” instead of whether and spelled “special council” instead of counsel.

Brzezinski said, “He’s renewing his attacks on Bob Mueller this morning in writing, in a series of misspelled tweets which should tell you something about state of mind.”

She added, “Honestly, you have to actually hit the keys to spell the word right, and I am thinking that at some point it appears to be a little bit unhinged to be tweeting wildly in the morning about the special counsel. Am I stepping out of line here?”

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